A sure bet – How to turn £5 into £250 without risking a penny

Imagine if I told you that you could visit several gambling websites every day, place loads of bets, but never risk a penny. In fact, I can guarantee you will make a healthy, tax-free, daily profit. Sounds like I’m either a dodgy salesman who needs to work on his pitch or completely deluded? 

Until recently I would have agreed with you completely. I’m a total cynic and dismissive of anything that looks remotely like a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. I’m also not much of a gambler, the odd £1 here and there is as adventurous as I get. That was before I stumbled upon the concept of matched betting. horse-race-1665688_1920

First things first – matched betting isn’t gambling. It is completely legal and, if done correctly, is entirely risk-free and a great way of making a steady monthly income  But if, like me, you’re starting from scratch, you’re going to need some help.

I was fortunate and inquisitive enough to be drawn to a post on a local business Facebook group. It was promoting the benefits of matched betting and offering a service to help you make money. The key elements being that they talk you through the entire process step by step, they don’t require any personal or financial details from you and they ask for 20% commission for every £250 you make (an amount they estimate will take 4-6 weeks to achieve). Intrigued, I decided to give it a whirl and contacted the business in question – The Matched Betting Company.

They set up a Facebook messenger group and gave me £10 to join two betting sites with. It really was that quick and simple.

£10 seems like a trifling amount with which to begin, but the majority of betting companies offer welcome bonuses in the form of free bets. You open an account, deposit £5 (the minimum amount can vary but plenty of sites just require a fiver) and after you wager the £5 you get a job lot of free bets. These vary in amount, but you usually get upwards of £20. The obvious caveat being that you can’t withdraw free bets, you have to turn them into profit before you can get your hands on any money.

In my case, my two £5’s opened me up to £60 in free bets. But how do you ensure you a) don’t waste your initial £10 and b) turn your free bets into actual money that you can withdraw.

I had no idea, but luckily The Matched Betting Company did. In simple terms, at one bookie you bet on something happening, at the other bookmakers you bet on it not happening. Clearly, this could lose you some money, but thanks to Deb and Sandy at The Matched Betting Company, they ensured my bets were placed on outcomes that minimised the loss to a few pence. And what’s a few pence when you’ve unleashed the potential of £60 in free bets? play-593207_1920

You then do essentially the same thing with the free bets. A £10 free bet on Team A winning, a £10 free bet on Team A not winning. One of those events is guaranteed to happen so you’re guaranteed to win. Where you place these bets to maximise your potential winnings is the clever bit that ensures you don’t lose money.

After just a few free bets I hit £30 profit and (under instruction) immediately withdrew it all. Hey presto, £10 has turned into £30. This is where the parameters change slightly. Instead of two lots of £5, you can now invest three lots of £10 into three new bookmakers. You then bet to cover every eventuality, but this time you can cover it three ways. So if you’re betting on a football match, you place £10 on team A, £10 on team B and £10 on a draw. All at different bookmakers. One of these outcomes will happen and you’re left with winnings of around £30 plus another job lot of free bets.

When you’ve completed this process a few times you’ll have a three figure sum in your account. This opens up a few more interesting possibilities. Most significantly, it means you’ve got a decent deposit to put into a betting exchange.

A betting exchange sees you play the role of the bookie. Remember that £5 you bet on Team A winning? Well, if Team A won, the bookie will have had to give you money. So they need to have enough funds to cover that happening. This is known as the liability of the bet. Naturally if you’re playing the role of the bookie, you need to have enough funds to cover the liability of the bet.

Remember though, if you lose in the role of bookie at the exchange, you win at the bookmakers as you’re covering all outcomes. 

And, in a nutshell, that’s how it works. I’m currently sitting on a profit of just over £300, of which I’ve given £60 to The Matched Betting Company. It’s taken me about 4 weeks to get there, based on no more than an hour’s work on any given day. 

Of course, I could have tried to do it all myself. There are a lot of matched betting sites out there where you can find sign up offers, guidance, calculators and expert help. However, I’m more than happy that I used The Matched Betting Company. It’s essentially a matched betting start-up service and training course. Not only do they take you to £250, they also give you a crash course in many of the elements of matched betting. Whilst under their tutelage I’ve not only covered sign-ups at bookies, but also betting exchanges and even more intricate areas such as roulette, slots, spread betting and even bingo.

Here are just a few more reasons why you should use The Matched Betting Company ato start your matched betting journey:

  • You can trust them – At no point do you give out any financial details or personal information. You don’t hand over a penny until you hit the £250 mark. So if they don’t do a good job and take you to £250 there’s absolutely nothing in it for them.
  • They make it easy – I can’t emphasise enough how well The Matched Betting Company holds your hand in this process. Withour their explicit instructions, it’s so easy to click the wrong button, place the wrong stake or select the wrong type of bet. 
  • They know you’re a novice – Some of the instructions may seem like egg-sucking, but many are somewhat more alien if you’re not an experienced gambler. Despite the clear instructions you can sometimes find yourself doubting what you’re doing, especially when it involves large sums of money. Don’t be afraid to ask seemingly silly questions, you’ll get helpful, easy to understand replies whatever your issue.
  • Speed of service – I have no idea how many people Sandy deals with at any one time, but the speed and accuracy of the replies is second to none. I recently had bets on a game that was abandoned just before kick off. Sandy very quickly sorted me out with an alternative, with just 5 minutes to spare before the match started.
  • It’s a great way to learn matched betting – Yes, they find the best bets for you and explicitly tell you how to place them, but it’s impossible not to be intrigued by how it all works. I’ve subsequently read countless articles and guides to matched betting and I now feel a lot more confident in depositing and withdrawing three figure sums into accounts and placing bets.

The end result is that thanks to The Matched Betting Company, I’m not only over £200 up, but I’m in a position where I feel confident and excited about the prospect of continuing my matched betting journey and turning it into a solid and profitable ongoing side hustle.

To get started, view the website – www.thematchedbettingcompany.co.uk or join the Facebook group where you can chat directly to Deb and Sandy – https://www.facebook.com/thematchedbettingcompany/


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