Does your website have a blog?

Maybe, maybe not. If it does, then is that blog regularly updated and does it have a clear purpose? Again, maybe, maybe not. In all honesty, if you’ve got a blog that’s not regularly updated or well written then you might as well not have one.


Having a strong business blog on your website is a fantastic tool for your business. It can:

  • Position you as a subject matter expert
  • Allow you to display a bit of personality
  • Tell people about ‘what’s new’ in your business
  • Tell people that you’re active
  • Drive web traffic to your products and services
  • Boost your SEO – Google loves fresh content on websites


Be a show-off!

Essentially a business blog is a great way of showing off! You’re an expert in your field and have a great product/service that you’re proud of, so why not shout about it?  The problem is that you don’t have the time or writing skills to be able to produce a regular business blog, and that’s where a copywriter comes in.

Get in touch

Blog writing is one of my specialist areas, I’ve written business blogs for companies of all sizes and have covered a vast range of subject matters. I’m happy to offer a bespoke package of blog writing that will be ideal for your business. Contact me so we can discuss your requirements.