Why choose me?

There are a lot of great content writers out there. Most of them are brilliant at what they do and have a wealth of experience. So the big question is…why should you use me?

Here, in true blog writing style, is a list of 7 reasons why you should choose me to write for your business:

I’m affordable 

According to a recent survey, the average copywriter charges £349 per day. That’s a huge and unrealistic sum of money for a small business to pay, especially given the current economic climate. I definitely don’t charge anything even close to that. Naturally, there may be a bit of negotiating and variance, but generally speaking, a day of work from me will cost you £150. 

I’m local

I live in Wyre Forest. I think Wyre Forest is a wonderful area, full of great people and businesses. This means that I won’t just be a voice on the phone or at the other end of an email. I want to meet you face to face to discuss your requirements and how we can work together. And I can make return visits so we can grow our relationship. The only thing you need to know is that I like my coffee strong, with a small dash of milk and no sugar.

I’m passionate about writing

Writing has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Whether it was writing short stories at primary school, compiling reports of football matches I attended or putting together reviews of my favourite albums, writing was a mainstay of my childhood. As an adult, I’ve always worked in roles that have required strong written skills and that’s always been an area of work I’ve thrived at. That’s exactly why I’m starting my own freelance copywriting service. 

I’ve worked for businesses of all sizes

arrows box business chalk

You can’t really get more diverse than a sole trader and one of the biggest banks in the entire world. Throw in a national charity and you’ve got a very wide range of business types that have employed me. I’ve picked up different skills and techniques at all of those places, and now I want to put them into practice for your business.

I’ve written about most things

Well, that’s not strictly true, I mean how many ‘things’ are there to write about? I can’t imagine anybody has covered more than about 1% of ‘things’. The point is that I’ve written about a lot of very different topics: Mental health, American football, Brexit, risk assessments and a myriad of other subjects. I even once wrote some content about a signal box!  But you probably don’t want to read that.

I’ve got a marketing background

Copywriters come from a wide variety of backgrounds – journalism, advertising, business and many others. I happen to have over a decade of experience in marketing as well as CIM and IDM qualifications. This means that when I write content I do so with the customer or end-user in mind. I know that you are trying to sell a product/service and whilst the content might not be explicitly ‘salesy’, I am fully aware of the end goal.

I’ve got style

I don’t mean I wear the latest fashion and listen to the hottest tunes of the moment. I have no idea what is fashionable or what the hottest tunes are at the moment! I mean that I can write in a number of different styles. You don’t write a flyer for a flower shop in the same style as a tender for a training contract. I’ve not actually written either of those things, but you get the idea. I can adapt my writing for whatever task I’m given. 

There are many other reasons to use my services, but one of the key skills a content writer needs is the ability to write concisely!

If you want to know more and find out how we can work together, then contact me HERE or fill in the form below: